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The safety guidelines on how to use a 3 point contact

Entering and exiting machines, vehicles, or any other elevated work surfaces can be dangerous, but there are some simple steps you can take to help ensure your safety. One such method is using the “three-point contact” method. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it properly:

      1. Face the machine, vehicle, or elevated work surface, and place your dominant foot on the first step or rung.
      2. Use both hands to firmly grasp the handrails, steps, or other sturdy structure for support.
      3. Lift your other foot and place it securely on the next step or rung. Be sure to maintain your grip on the handrails or other support.
      4. Once you have both feet on the machine, vehicle, or elevated work surface, step up completely and center yourself before releasing your grip on the handrails.
      5. To exit, reverse the process: center yourself and firmly grasp the handrails, then step down one foot at a time, maintaining three points of contact until both feet are firmly on the ground.

Remember to keep your center of gravity low and your movements slow and deliberate when using the three-point contact method. Avoid carrying heavy or bulky items up or down the steps or rungs, as this can affect your balance and increase the risk of falls. By following these guidelines and using the three-point contact method, you can help ensure your safety when entering or exiting machines, vehicles, or elevated work surfaces.